》[GAF] goes around the Globe!《

GAF goes around the Globe!

Hi everybody! I am Nick, KDC10 pilot in the GAF VA. I am gonna try to fly around the globe with a KDC10. Ofcourse I need to get refueled along the way. This will be provided by other Tankers of GAF. You need to know that a lot of planning is needed to find out the exact location to be refueled so teamwork is crucial.

Now I want to ask everybody to intercept me when possible with all kinds of aircraft, make a picture of it and place it in this topic.

Hopefully we will see a lot of different aircrafts next to mine!

I will take of by Wednesday but first I need to make a proper flightplan. I will post my FL and Speed later on.

Hope to see you flying next to me!!

Nick Koops


GAF will get you there 💪

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Do you plan on making a trip around the equator, or a diagonal path, etc.?
[Edit: Also, don’t forget, I think the max refuel amount is 3 times]

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Best of luck bud, gonna be beside you for a lot of it!

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I can help on Wednesday!

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Yes I think that I can too, since Wednesday is Yom Kippur and I have school off!

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Have a nice flight 😉


This sounds freaking awesome! Have fun

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cool pic! I like it with the sunset in the background.


I will try to go from egun south back to egun

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Thats cool see you around New Zealand

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Have you a departure time yet?

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