GAF-EAF n°XI "Gringos" airborne

The fighter squadron of the European Air Force welcomes a new Raptor driver in its ranks.
As per usual, the new virtual airmen went through the advanced flight training in order to get its wings. Here are displayed pictures of the first part of the flight above the North Sea.

In the program : high speed, high G and intense turns for the first air combat of the new Pilot Officer. And bonus for everyone’s pleasure, a stop by the airborne pub, aka KDC-10.

Gringo 1 brake set, full dry power

One airborne and two lined up 08

Breaking flight formation as planned

Fight’s On!!!

Gringos flight is full, now heading to Brize Norton

I hope you enjoyed these photos, more will be available on GAF and EAF thread!

Swifter and Keener than Eagles, Coningsby n°XI


Raptor Driver, nice photos though :)

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Great pics, looks like it was fun for the new guy!

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Yes sir ski

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