GAF - EAF Hercs around the world tour

Earlier this month we started an epic journey around the world with C-130’s from the European division of GAF. With visits to famous places such as the Falklands, South Pole Station, Honolulu but also Edwards AFB which is located in the high desert of California. Let me take you on a photo tour of an epic journey… around the world 🌍

Departing RAF Brize Norton for the start of our journey. Flying the RAF Herc is @DadaBull and myself flying the RNLAF Herc.

Taxiing in at Senegals Dakar Airport… this picture shows us almost nose to nose…

Departing Senegal for the next destination… Brazil!

Over the Amazone forest in Brazil.

About to cross the River Plate from Uruguay to Argentina.

Departing civillisation at The Falklands for the Antarctic cold…

What a gorgeous sight…

Our first stop on Antarctica… Fossil Bluff Skiway.

Thiel Mountains which was our second stop…

The most Southern end of the world… South Pole Station where we unloaded a pallet of commemorative patches before heading back to civillisation again.

Arriving on the South island of New Zealand…

American Samoa where we stayed the night at Pago Pago International Airport.

Honolulu, Hawaii 😍🏖

Arriving at Edwards AFB with the worlds longest active runways…

Andrews AFB where Air Force One is about to touch down…

Back where we started this journey… RAF Brize Norton.

I want to thank @DadaBull for organising this epic trip! Without you this would’ve never taken place buddy. I’d also like to thank some other participating pilots such as @Benjwri, @sjyearwood @Jeno_Farkas and Charlie Hindle.

I hope you like this report as much as I had fun writing it!

With regards, B4ND1T


Wow these are awesome! I love the scenery and angles you also got.
Great job!

Just make sure you don’t have more than 10 pictures 🤗


Thanks mate! 😎

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That’s what we call adventure

I wish the California sun could fit in the cargo hold of your hercs so you could bring some to Europe…


Thanks Speedy! What’s up with you these days? We’re missing you in GAF 😉

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Amazing stuff but you have gone over the 10 pictures per post limit rule.
Keep in mind for the future Frank…


Oh okay… will do for the future @Scott.Cooper and thanks mate! 😁

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No problem at all

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