GAF-EAF 492nd A-10s

The IF GAF european sections A-10 Squadron

based in EGUL Lakenheath did some training at AWR RAF Holbeach:

finally landed in formation with @PhilipClarke2809


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Cool pics! That must have been fun! 😃
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Cool pics 😄👍🏽

Hi @CollinFlys ,
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Rgd Tom

One word:


Hi I was interested in joining yalls A-10 Squadron
Thank you,
Zane Davis

Hi Zane,
In this topic you find all relevant information including the link where to apply:

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This week EAFs 492nd Squadron was active in trainings.
After a low level flight through the Mach-Loop, a refuelling with EAFs No.10 Squadron was needed:

@AceCorba flying the Tanker Madras-08 Turning on AAR Track with the first A-10 ready to join the boom while the second keeps left echelon

@James_Harvey Gypsy-11 leaving the boom to right echelon

@SunDown SunDown Close to contact


Awesome flight

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Nice nice, digging the photos