GAF 492nd Squadron training routine

GAF is going to participate at an event of its mother organisation IFAE. To stage up the European arm EAF send pilots to KNIP beforehand, and pilots used the opportunity to train in new environment.

@SunDown and I went for a 2 ship flight to train auster landing on a dirtstrip at Camp Blanding Range complex.

Ready for takeoff at KNIP

Departing south

No1 approach, No2 breaks formation



No2 approach

Lunch break

Ready for takeoff again

Approach KNIP

of you looking for this dirtstrip, it is 22nm SW of KNIP and 5.2nm NW of 2CB


Amazing photos!


great pics, was a fun flight🙌

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Wonderful pictures!

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Nice pics! I must say even though Military is my first pick in aircraft choice, I really do like the A-10!

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Cool photos, well done

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