GAF - 48th Operations Wing - 80th Anniversary Flypast Tour

GAF - 48th Operations Wing - 80th Anniversary Flypast Tour

Sunday 29th January

Saw Global Air Forces, virtually celebrate the 80th Anniversary, of the USAF’s 48th Operations Wing. Based at RAF Lakenheath, in Suffolk, England.

The famous wing is part of the United States Third Air Force and United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE). The Group started life as Bombardment Group in United States Army Air Force (USAAF) in Savannah, Georgia 1941. After a couple of years of moving around the southeastern states, it embarked to England in early 1944 to become part of the Ninth Air Force, at RAF Ibsley in Hampshire.

Where it became the “48th Fighter Group” consisting of the 492nd, 493rd and 494th Fighter Squadrons. From this point the Group was heavily involved in the D-Day landings and liberation of France and Western Europe.

To commemorate the Anniversary, GAF’s Flypast Tour route, followed key sites the groups advance in France and Germany.

It was conducted by GAF-EAF’s 48th Fighter Wing - 492nd FS A-10C’s & 493rd FS F-22A’s, along with A-10C’s from 74th FS vUSAF.

Please see below images of the event.

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ACM P.Harrison
Commanding Officer - European Air Forces



This was an awesome event, awesome pictures @HercDriver206 !!


Loving the pictures from the event, so legit. Salute