Gadget motion-range to steer plane

This is sort of a weird question, it doesn’t even belong in support but I need to know for efficiency’s sake… what is IF’s maximum degree of tilt and roll when we hold our gadgets to steer the plane?

Sometimes things happen in flight and we twist and turn like crazy (to people around us lol), with us not knowing that that much motion isn’t necessary and wasting valuable time for the actual corrections.

Now using the yoke animation at the bottom of screen I count 45 degree angle for maximum tilts and rolls, but I doubt it as the animated yoke is too small for me to see properly.

Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance, cheers!

Not sure the actual degree but you can change your sensitivity in your preferences / controls settings.

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Hi Chris, thanks! I got my steering sensitivity just right, but would like to improve on my motion efficiency further, no matter what the settings are, as I’m sure that the devs have set a fixed value for maximum physical rotation or roll to our devices, and I wonder what it is.

The animated yoke at bottom of screen that actually tells us this value is very small and too vague for me to pin point accurately how far we actually should flip our devices, I’m guessing between 30 to 45 degrees but still wanders if anyone knows exactly (for the maximum angle).

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