Gaby's ATC Traking Thread [CLOSED@YMML]

I Will control YMML today after my flight from Singapore.
See you in 7 hours!

On my way as Nasa 1!!

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I’ll come in a c208 shortly. Spd112

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Thanks very much for coming!

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Sorry I’m an idiot of a pilot on the c208 😂😂😂

Thanks For All 3 Or 4 Aircrafts Who Comed , Sorry For My ATC Low Skills But Mostly I Fly And I Don’t Have Time For The ATC Practicing But I Will Try , Thanks Again And Hope My ATC Skills Not Upset Someone 🤗😊!

Good job, just want to point out some things:

  • Try to clear for the option or landing when on downwind or base. I was going to announce go around, but you cleared me the last second

  • When it comes to a runway change dont forget:
    Pattern entry --> Sequence --> Clear.(I was on right DWN, so enter right base wasn’t correct.)

  • Dont forget to give exit clearences!!

Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to seeing you again!!

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Thank very much!!!
Yes you’re right i should be more careful next time!😊
And about the exit clearance , you were on final and i try to find that exit clearance but i don’t , thanks very much again and hope to see you again soon to!

It’s in the 6th section.

And something I forgot to mention :

  • After the runway change you cleared me to land, and not for the option. If I don’t report full stop, you don’t have to clear me for landing!!

PS: After the successful runway change, don’t forget to let the pilot know where to enter the pattern (left/right traffic)


And please don’t forget to edit your title to [CLOSED] when you are done controlling. I changed it for you this time :)

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