Gabriél BK160 by Blackshape

The Gabriél BK160 is made by the Italian high tech aerospace company Blackshape.

Photo credit: Blackshape

It is a single engine, low wing aircraft with retractable landing gear. This beauty was launched in april this year.

Airframe: Carbon fibre composite, 2 seats in tandem
Wing span: 9 m/29,5ft
Height overall: 8ft Length overall: 24ft
EASA Certification: CS-VLA (Very Light Aeroplanes)
Avionics: Evolution 2000, Aspen Avionics, Nav: Garmin
Engine: Lycoming IO-320-D1B, 160 HP @2700 rpm
Propeller: Hartzell Raptor, variable pitch
Max rate of climb: 1550ft/min
Speed Vne (Max): 172 KCAS
Speed cruise: 150 KCAS
Load limits: +5/-2,5 g
MTOW: 750 kg/1653lb
Max endurance: 3,2 h
Max operating altitude: 15000ft
Safety: Ballistic parachute

Price: 275 000 €/ 300 000 $

I think this aircraft has a beautiful design and good performance. Would appreciate a light aircraft added in IF.

Imagine flying in the Alps with this when global is launched 😎


Thank you for putting alot of effort and time into your topic!

I highly support this; as it is GA!

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Is there a big difference between this aircraft and the Cirrus SR22??

Yes. This is a Very Light Aircraft. 2 seats in tandem. Visibility is very good because of the design.(canopy) MTOW 1653 lbs

Cirrus is a 4-seater, MTOW 3400 lbs


Looks good! Has it taken its first flight yet?

MaxSez: A novelty micro light! Oh my! The “Blackshape” does not fit into the IF GA inventory in my opinion. Let this mini “sporter” in, next we’ll have kit planes, power wings and para sails begging for votes. WE don’t need no stinking toys cluttering up our manly machine inventory!

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Thanks for your comment Max.
I like dragging big manly trucks like the Ford Raptor, Dodge Ram etc. through mud and up rocky mountains.
But when I’m on e.g the french riviera driving, I would choose a more agile sporty car like an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

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@Andre_S… Noted Andre. Believe you drive a Volvo, everybody in Oslo needs a snowmobile this time of year. For the Riviera I prefer a Porsche! German engineering tops anything the Ities produce in my worldly view. Regards, Max…
(Been there done that, LOL)