Gabe Z's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Open @ KVNY

Runway in use are 16 (R/L)

Until 0230

Edit: Closed

Open @ NZAA

Until 01:50 Zulu

Runway in Use: 23L

Edit: Closed

Open @ EPWA
Runway in Use: 15 & 29
Until 00:20 Zulu

Edit: Closed

Open @ KJAC
Until 18:15Z due session today.

Edit: Closed

Please send feedback to @Adam_Williams or @Trio thank.
Our rule that you must send feedback to trainer, recruiter, or these two guys, not controller.

This is where I will control this week.

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Are you gonna choose between the Midwest or Narita/Haneda?

Midwest, cause Minnesota is my home state.

Nice! Minnesota is my home state too.

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Open @ EHRD
Until 0030
06 in use

Edit: closed

Open @ KMSP
Until 0110Z
Runway: 22 17 12R 12L

Edit: Closed

Open @ KDFW
Until 2230Z
Runway: 31L 31R 36L 36R 35L 35C 35R

Edit: Closed


Airport: ZSPD
Time: 0050Z - 0150Z
Runway in Use: 35L 35R 34L 34R 33
NOTAM: Friday Night Flight Info, Have Fun, Do Some Pattern Work!

Thank You For Coming

Closed @ KORD

Airport: KORD
Time: 17:50Z - 18:50Z
Runway in Use: [09L^ 09R^ 10L^ 10C^ 10R^ 04R 04L] ^ = Crosswind
NOTAM: ATC Airport, Have Fun, Do Some Pattern Work.

Thank You For Coming

  • IFAE-ATCEG Trio, N1T3, @Trio
  • 34 01, Envoy 39 04
  • lurkerboy, N561JV, @lurker - Please follow instructions
  • ATCEG Laith Ali, N316D, @Laith_Ali - Thank you for holding position
  • Boeing Airbus, Air Canada 833, - You have taxi to wrong runway.
  • N540RO, American 2346
  • Bluewing, Cathay 66 Heavy, @Bluewing - I’m sorry, I have to closed.
  • IFATC IFEP YT hi15td, HI15TD, @hi15td -I’m sorry, I have to closed.

I got there just as you closed, oh well there is always next time.

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Two honest mistakes. First, I “lost” runway 4L after my turn to base and should have requested a missed approach rather then a transition (I figured I’d pull up and find a new pattern to enter). Second, I missed the instruction to change runway, I thought you re-cleared me at 4R. It should have occurred to me when you asked my intentions. I didn’t mean to be difficult! Thanks for the service.

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Np, I understand you missed the instruction.

Hello, this week ATC scheuklde is posted.

Thursday: Hawaii, possibly Kona.
Weekend: Depend.

Closed @ CYYZ

Airport: CYYZ
Time: 17:40Z - 18:40Z
Runway in Use: [33R 33L 24R^ 24L^ 23^] ^ = Crosswind
NOTAM: ATC Airport, Have Fun, Do Some Pattern Work.

Thank You For Coming

  • Mateo Lianne, N449GL
  • Captain Desrum, Air Canada 1311
  • TylerC, WestJet 568
  • Cameron Spanfelner, N513HI
  • Lukas Hocher, Lufthansa 948
  • Amprage, JAMBIRD
  • Giorgio, Lufthansa 1531 Heavy
  • Captain John, N38LIFT
  • CANADIA EYYYY, WestJest 614
  • Ariel Guelman, Air Canada 354

I’m currently inbound to CYYZ

still 2 hours 40 minutes to go

And on expert

Sorry, I would come if I could

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