Gabe_Z's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

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Hey guys, Gabe here. I will be practicing with my ATC Skill for IFATC. If you have any feedback, do it here, not PM, thank.


Now open at KDLH, come and fly. Give feedback if need to.



That’s awkward 🐢… Anyway I hope you didn’t see that 🤪. Very good just some minor things.

  • Clearances at the start were a little slow but they got much better
  • Try open Airports with parallel runways as it makes it easier to control + that is what you are tested on I believe.
  • Unnecessary Slowest Prac. Spd aircraft in the pattern are VFR so spacing is up to the pilots.

Other than that Good Job!

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You were going at 200kts on crosswind, you were doing the tight pattern. F-RUIT was on final slow. It made me concern about that. Based on what’s pilot doing that controller that determines that there should be action to avoid a conflict.

Another wise, thank you for coming.

Also, thank to @TheWalkingFruit for flying too.

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Hey, very nice controlling, but i do have a few points for you:

That maintain slowest practical speed was not needed, in that case if you see that an aircraft has turned base too close to me and is going to catch up then you can issue an extend downwind command.

The runway exit command was a bit too late, watch aircrafts speed as they touch down on the runway.

And finally the transition altitude was too low on this one, 4000ft would’ve been perfect, take a look at this guide for more info:

But other than that everything was spot on, keep training and you’ll be there in no time! 🙂

Airport Elvation + 1500.

1,500ft + 1,500ft = 3,000ft? So, that’s right for the transition.

Airport elevation = 1500ft

1500+1500ft = Jet pattern altitude + 1000ft = transition alt

I think I made mistake here, other people must been wrong. 1,500ft + 1,000 (GA Pattern altitude) + 1,000 (Separation) = 3,500ft is the altitude for the transition.

Actually you should take account for the airliners pattern altitude and not GA because an airliner may be on the pattern too.

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My choice is my choice. If an airliner comes up, it goes to 4,000ft. K.

Open at KMSP, come and fly. Give feedback as well.


Hey Callsign LUNA, you did good today controlling. Only thing I can say is that the runway exit command came a bit too late. Other than that your good.

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