Gabe_Z's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello community,

I bet you are thinking something is not right… Well, technical yes, that is because I realize this is not a good time to control during the school year which causes stress and another reason is I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, I am deciding to join again this May or June. I need to practice in order to able to control with good services.

I will announce when I am open and give feedback if you need to.

Thanks all!


Open @ OTHH

Come and Fly for pattern!

Edit: Closed.

I’ll hop on by. :)
Callsign MR-NICK

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Overall, good job!

I think you got a bit confused on your sequencing at the end when you switched runways, because you told me to follow the traffic on left downwind for 16L, even though I was already first in line.

Other than that, good job!

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Time is precision and distance too, I don’t need to make a duplicate clearance. Runway change is tricky one.

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On my way. Callsign will be Velocity23.

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Sorry about that, rudder just wasn’t doin’ it

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Closing Soon, good amount of pilots here today.

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Now Closed, thanks for coming.

Woop, there is nearby airport has active ATC. So, I choose a different one. Now open at KTPA.

Also, some gusty wind too. Greay way to earn XP.

Sorry @Michael_O_Sullivan, I was in the Bathroom.

Closed, thanks for coming.

Everyone needs to take a leak! Sorry there was no other traffic so I couldn’t see your sequencing. Transition altitude should be field elevation + 1500 for pattern altitude + 1000 for vertical separation. You handled runway change and inbound correctly, and correctly gave exit command. Your clearences were in good time.

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Open @ KATL

Come, fly, and give feedback.

Edit: Closed

Open @ KMEM

Come, fly, and give feedback.

Edit: Closed

Good job.

  • I recomend you send aircrafts on ground to closer runway at their position. I had 18C very close and send me to 18R. Same as ither airplane. No long taxi is needed.

Regards. Dani.

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Well, sometimes IFATC sent me farther away from the closest runway.

Sometimes, on busy airports, ATC send aircrafts to far runway for clear the qeue in the closer runway at your position. But normally, we send the aircrafts at closer runway.


Hey guys! No long time to see, and I’m currently open at KSEA. Come and fly!


Coming in a bit!

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