GA Routes Recommendation

Any recommendations for a Scenic and challenging GA route? and don’t include Lukla or its region.

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Fly around Western colorado?



see if you can find a beautiful eye looking thing in the water


Virginia has lots of fun GA routes around the Appalachian mountains. Try flying out of KROA and go to places like KMTV and KLYH.

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I recommend flying from Kelowna B.C Canada to Jasper A.B Canada. It’s full of scenic mountains and on approach to Jasper, you have to weave through the mountains to get to the valley and runway field below!

I recommend flying the X-Cub or the C172, no bigger as the runway for Jasper is a short grass runway.

I actually flew a similar route into Jasper earlier this year in IF, so if you want an idea on the scenery to expect, check out my screenshot topic. Victoria - Jasper

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Try flying in Alaska it has many GA routes and mountainous approaches, very scenic!

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In New Zealand how about Nelson to Hokitika, then onwards to Mount Cook…

KAPA to KEGE is always pretty

My home airport KADS to Rocky Mountain KBJC in a TBM-930

Or Auckland to Queenstown

Can’t recommend this website enough. There are some hidden gems, perfect for an XCub or 172. Not all of them are marked as airports in IF, which makes for an extra challenge.


You could, its got the scenery… Not sure if I’d fancy sitting in a C172 or C208 for however long that trip would take! 🤔 Maybe a refreshments break in Paraparaumu to quench the thirst 😊

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