GA Pilot Avoids Tropical Depression!

This is a very interesting and intriguing video. This guy is flying his own little TBM prop all the way to Miami from somewhere else in Florida. He avoids a tropical depression in the area, and it feels like you’re in the first officers seat, right with him. You’ve gotta watch through this whole thing!


Pretty cool video! The plane he uses is a TBM-850


I love this guy, I’ve been subscribed for so long!


Watch his videos all the time. Him and his TMB are cool. He did seem very visibly stressed in this video though.

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Great video, saw this the other day. I wonder what storm this was as I live just south in Nassau Bahamas

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Steveo! This dude is awesome. Ive watched his videos for a long time. Change the title. He is not a private pilot. He gets paid to fly people. Private pilots cannot be paid to fly people. Consider taking out “private” and leave the rest. 👍🏻

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So commercial then? Is he part 135?

Yes he operates under part 135 and part 91. 135 is more of charter and on demand operations. But because he does, I think of his job as more of corporate pilot. And yes, he has a commercial certificate.

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This guy has my dream job. I would love to be a part of a charter/corporate outfit.

He’s a corporate pilot. He works for a part 135 operator and flies the TBM for a private company and gets paid for both

I’ve been watching him for a bit now and really want a tbm


Steveo1kinevo is the best! If someone doesn’t know who he is they have been living under a rock ;)

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That was very interesting! Thanks for sharing it @FlyFi

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I would too. You just need the connections to people and the hours depending on who you’re flying for.

I just watched this yesterday ! haha

That’s exactly why I’m lining up this extra job with Signature (hopefully). Networking is so key in aviation.

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