GA only FNF

As more GA aircraft’s it’s in the pipeline, it’s time we have all GA FNF once in while in the near future? By picking up right airfields make everyone fly GA even they aren’t community members.

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It will be real fun!

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I’d recommend working on a great proposal between now, and the last wensday of next month, then hope it gets noticed. Every last wensday of the month from now on we will be able to pitch our ideas for FNF for exactly these sorts of thing, best of luck!


After the super cub is released. They should have an FNF with only GA’s. The problem is there is not many big airports with just GA spots. And small airports won’t work with FNF as it would be to crowded.

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I guess you can find an area with multiple areas. Like 4 or 5 airports less then 100 miles from each other and have those airports listed as the FNF

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This idea would work great at Falcon Field(KFFZ), which a large GA airport that could be suitable for a FNF.


Not sure, you could “force” everyone to fly GA, but always in support having a GA theme, and if large enough airport was featured with a restricted aircraft size…

The New York area is great for GA. You have KHPN, KTEB, and a couple other big ones. I frequent KTEB with IFGAC.

With NY there are some great GA airports in New Jersey including N87.

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KFRG has tons of GA spots


Pretty sure this was attempted not too long ago, in the SEA-TAC area, if I remember correctly.

I’ll give you two seconds to guess what happened…

Kidding, you only need one. Half of the pilots showed up in their 388s and it was a whine fest on the ghost complaint side.

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Don’t forget KFRG!

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I always wanted this!

I think they avoid this because the GA fleet isn’t very up-to-date but hopefully this changes soon.

Maybe we could have a GA FNF to celebrate the release date of the XCub


what is GA?

GA = General Aviation

Or we can go back to where GA had their own day. Anyone remember Turbulent Tuesdays?


I absolutely loved turbulent Tuesday’s!

Was just thinking could have Thursday Night Lights… But turbulent Tuesdays would be equally cool 🙃