Will be needing some practice, so I’d be nice to have a couple of people in the pattern.

FYI- GA Airport.

I’ll come along for a few patterns! N1HR will be my callsign and I’ll be in a C172. :)

Coming in a Southwest 737. Callsign: Compass 1o2

Thanks, just making sure you know you’re going to rwy 29L

I’ll drop by.
Wait no one’s there :-(

There is no ATC anymore

I can come back if you’d like. I’d just prefer GA.

I was going to come in a C208 or similar.

I’d love if you comeback and maybe a different airport with a singe runway to practice more in sequencing

@Nojerry you just left.

I have to go 😂 Sorry, just shown up.

Hope you guys do some pattern work.

I’ll be on later if you want to do it again.

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