GA Journey #1 KDTW-KLVN

Hello everyone, today, I took the SR22 out from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Airlake Airport in Minnesota (my home airport) with just myself and 80 pounds of baggage. It was a nice calm journey over the farm fields of Wisconsin and Minnesota and I am going to be sharing some of the photos I got on this flight.

  1. Crossing over the town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the Eau Claire River, along with the town’s regional airport.

  1. Descent over the Mississippi River.

  1. A bit of the surrounding suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area.

  1. Passing over the Minnesota River with Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport that is visible in the background.

  1. On a bit of a hazy approach into KLVN using the RNAV GPS RWY 12 approach.

  1. Looking good with red and white on short final.

  1. Parked and tied down.


Which picture was your favorite? I’m always looking for feedback, so if you would like to provide some, feel free to leave it in the comments down below.

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Ah, the introduction sounds relxing. Love these photos dude!


Check out KFCM 😏😏

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this is not fair I liked almost all the photos and now I will have to choose just one


Flights are what really brings true character to Infinite Flight. Even though it seems like the sim is focused on flying long hauls to big cities/airports, there’s something special about hopping in a small airplane and flying to a place that truly means something to you. The views along the way seemed pretty great too!

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My home airport!!

These photos are great! My favorite picture is number 3.

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