GA Halloween Haunting Hororr @ YBAF - 312000ZOCT2017

Server: Don’t make me laugh This is on Causal Global Server

Region: Archerfield Airport in Queenston, Sydney

Airport: YBAF🖤

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Spitifre, Decatholon, A-10, P-38, Cessna 172/208

Horrors in Sydney
On 26 March 1943, a C-47 Douglas Dakota landed here for refueling and maintenance on its way to Sydney carrying a cargo of important radio equipment and components. The following morning at 5AM, the plane was taken out of its hangar and taxied out for takeoff, but unfortunately a thick fog bank had descended which was bad enough that another flight actually cancelled its scheduled run. Nevertheless, the crew of the C-47 was eager to get on their way to Sydney, as their cargo was of the utmost importance and they were on a strict deadline. Ignoring the dangers of the prevailing conditions, the plane took off into the fog anyway, but moments later veered off course and banked hard to careen into a stand of trees, explode into a ball of fire, and plow through thick brush to end up in swampland, killing all 23 people aboard. (credit to Mysterious Universe).

Event Background

Hey all! So many probably know I’m a huge commercial aviation enthusiast and I don’t hold much love for GA. I’m hoping to change that by starting a weekly GA mini event where we go out and do touch and goes while chatting in a private chat.
Today’s first event in this series (not FVA related) will revolve around that spooky time of the year.
Gates at this airport will not be assigned. I will write down the names and aircraft people are attending in though.
Any future airports you would like to see us visit please mark below. ⚰️

Aircraft Action:
In this mini event, simply spawn in at 2000Z and do some touch and goes and “dogfight” if you come in military jets :)

Names - Aircraft

@Infinite.flight - Cessna 208
@oscar_mur - Spitfire


Sign me up! Love general aviation more than anything! I will be attending in a spitfire. Although what are we doing? Touch and goes? A flight?


Sorry I forgot to put that in lol. We will be doing touch and goes haha.

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Sounds great, you can expect me there!

Sounds awesome man! Hahaha

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