GA Day

1st flight of the day was a VIP charter flight from Key West to Nassau, Ba. Took the dusty C172 for a VFR flight from OPA Locka to Daytona Beach Finished the day off with T&G’s in St. Barths
Rwy10 says to “drop the attitude”


Please tell me that AF1 757 isn’t at the terminal. Please. Nice pics.


Lovely photos! Great job mate.


Great pictures here mate! I also agree with @Altaria55 ;)

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Great pictures @Altaria55 but I would like to note if you had to go around or not come in fast on #5 because of that AA taking off

Looks like AFP95 has interecepted you for a escort.


The C172 approaches at a slow speed so by the time the AA had crossed the runway the aircraft wouldn’t even have traveled half a nautical mile. Also, I’m not the one who took the pics.

About the first picture: did you take that at KEYW? I remember myself in that yellow xcub.

Btw, you did a great job!

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Yes indeed, it was at KEYW