GA Day Photo Dump

Hello IFC!!

Yes very unusual to see me posting some photos but I’m doing one and maybe a few more to come. I’m rolling with the og non edited cool angles! I was flying the SR22 by my self and @Aviation108!

This was pictures from many different routes so none spisifc except for a formation flight with @Aviation108 which had to be the best group flight I have ever had including a formation landing!

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Hope you enjoyed,



Nice flight of 2. Did you accidentally made an airshow? 👀🙂

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Maybe in the future👀😂! I think we’d make a good group! Glad you liked them!

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You know it’s a crazy day when someone flies the SR.22. 😛

Great photos!

Tanku @Butter_Boi :)

Not to mentioning buttering it 🧈😂

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