GA Day Info?

Hey guys,

Unless I’ve somehow been an idiot and unpinned it - does any one know when the information thread for tomorrow’s GA Day will be out. Usually the thread is out by now.

Just curious, not complaining.

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There is currently no information on the next GA Day event.

You use the #ga-day tag to view all posts associated with this type of event.

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Its definitely happening because I asked Misha a couple weeks back about it and he said it was happening so 🤷‍♂️

Guess we’ll see…

Based on previous trends, the topics are posted two to three days prior to the event.

If Misha continues with that trend, we’ll see a topic towards the end of June.

Which is why I’m asking about tomorrow’s scheduled GA day (given tomorrow is the first Monday of June) because we usually have the info by this point.


I’m starting to think that it’s not going to happen… :(

If it doesn’t happen, do not worry. You can still always fly GA in airports all around the world. You can also create an event that could be a GA fly out in #live:events if you would like. I’m sure plenty of people in the community would love to fly GA with you throughout our beautiful planet.
Happy flying!


Posted when they’re posted