GA circuits / flights

Doesn’t ever really seem to be much GA aircraft on any of the maps. I love flying circuits in an SR22 with a controller, but it’s hard to find a smaller field with a controller - they’re always at LAX, SAN or similar that’s full of commercial aircraft. Palm Springs is the best I’ve found, using the smaller 31R/13L flying circuits etc with ATC while the commercial aircraft use 31L/13R. Anyone regularly using GA / ATC at any other spots I should know about to come have some fun…?



You guys may like each other…

Long live the DC-9!


Why do some Cessna 172s use RUNWAY 25R at klax when they can takeoff at 24R that bareley anyone uses

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They may not care that there is a less busy runway. I’ve seem litttle piston and turboprop private planes land on the busiest runways at JFK. Not a big deal.

Long live the DC-9!

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I love the GA planes, but I wish there were more - as good as SR22, Cessnas or the Decathlon are, it gets a bit weary flying them over and over. But for those flights I tend to stay in Seattle, and keep to the mountains :)

And I know what you mean about controllers; but it tends to be a trend for both pilots and controllers. I’m happy to look after smaller fields personally - places like Torrance in SoCal, Renton Municipal in Seattle etc are some of my favourite spots.

I reckon we need to come to a general consensus on a field to regularly use for GA patterns / VFR flights. I thought maybe the introduction of Osh Kosh would’ve helped but doesn’t seem to have.

I love flying GA and playing as ATC for GA. the problem is the limited number of GA all fly from different fields in different locations therefore you never really get together. And no one wants to sit as ATC at an empty small field for hours waiting for GA to show up. Any suggestions for fields (that we can run ATC not just Unicom) would be good

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I’m a. GA guy, Mitch and Palm Springs 13/31 were my go to fields for the SuperD/172/208 for years. (I don’t fly the Cirrus. Poor visibility because of the high dash plus any plane that come with a parachute attached right out of the boxes scares me.) With ATC evolving and not able,at this point to field one fully staffed Closed Loop with a good mix of majors and feeders the Trash Haulers will Dominate and GA will get the short straw Even if they throw a GA bone like a Cub or a Twin Into the inventory., commercial air will always be the draw. Only good choice for GA now are the little know/used regions. I recently got out of the big 3 rut SoCal/Friso/Ny. I just started a tour of regions looking for greener GA pastures. Right now I’m discovering Seattle. SeaTac and Portland Int. have a lot of GA potential. The terrain is spectacular and the small airports and dirt/grass field stand out prominently and some are real challenges. If you Fly Seattle let me know what you think of the “Horse Farm” grass field complex up on the NW coast. Look forward to seeing you on the GA circuit. Max Sends

Max is right, Seattle is the region for GA. I have not tried the NW coast yet, but Tieton State 4S6 in the East is probably my favorite destination in IF. I’ll make sure I check out the NW coast next time playing. @MitchellJames My vote for a GA circuit / flights would have to be somewhere in the Seattle region.

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