GA Carb Heat on/off

Hi IF. Some of the GA aircraft already have fuel mixture options, which adds some awesome realism. I’m guessing that sine the math has already been coded it might not be starting from scratch to include a Carb Heat button in the Engine controls? GA flight training requires this to get or keep necessary power depending upon climb/altitude etc (similar to mixture). So, just saying, if there is some interest in adding this flight requirement for some of the light GAs, that could add to some real sim.

Programmers: Awesome job with everything you do. Not a critique. Just a suggestion I was wondering about as I fly around in the CubX and the Cessna 172 from time to time.

Thanks all for a great sim and sim community!

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Maybe change this into a feature request if this hasn’t been requested yet?

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It’s a cool idea, I do like to maintain some of my own habits when flying GA aircraft i.e carburettor heat would be useful. It’s a little bit more strange considering that the uses are quite limited, namely preventing ice buildup in the carburettor which isn’t simulated, so all you would get is more of a power reduction that would be a little more of a nuisance if anything.

Nevertheless though, we do have a fuel pump that acts as a back-up in case of the primary feeding system failing, which also isn’t simulated so… it sure is possible, given that it meets the same criteria as the fuel pump feature.

Right. I probably should have posted in Features. Good idea. Thanks!

The Cessna 172SP that is modeled in the game is the same aircraft that I fly. It does not have a carb heat as it uses an air cooled Lycoming I/O, 360 engine

Cool, cool,cool 🥶❄️

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You are TL1 meaning you cannot post feature requests nir events. I’d suggest bumping this when you have TL2

Interesting. Grade 4 with 218,000xp. But I say little in the forums and stay TL1 by choice. Maybe a TL2 might run with the idea. ;)

Yes but this is a feature request under the wrong category, It doesnt matter your grade in the sim. TL2 you dont choose, you instead get out of nowhere by just talking.

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