GA Airports in Infinite Flight

OK so the TBM 930 is almost here. There has been lots of hype. We are missing quite a few GA airports.

Here is what is currently in IF

Are there any budding airport editors who would like to contribute to getting more quality GA airports in place?


I’m getting prepared to help with this effort Kilt. Operation Mike Alpha Kilo Echo - Golf Alpha - Golf Romeo Echo Alpha Tango - Alpha Golf Alpha India November is a go folks!

Make General Aviation Great Again


Right now, as you may know, I am working on KPVF. It’s an all-GA airport, many hangars and tie downs. Can’t wait for it to be done!


EHTE could rework too but its a awesome GA airfield :)

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I wish I could but I don’t have a laptop or PC. I’m a tablet pro! Haha


I am working on a GA Global Route starting from my home (GA Airport). I will be adding/editing GA airports as I go until I return back to my home airport! If you wish to follow my progress I will be moving slowly through the Casual Server.



Just…why??? (Would you put it in the ATC callsign alphabet (can’t remember the proper name)

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KJKA is a GA airport. The only parking is the runway. But theres a terminal. So I think there would be parking spots on the taxiway.


I have @Plane-Train-TV working on my home airport kmkl rn because I’m based out of knqa which is a hour further away.

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Kilt, have you posted this in the AE Slack? Lots of us will see it on that.

AE? What is that? IDK

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Yes. A post was clearly made in the announcements channel of the Airport Editing slack. It discusses the new label and where the high priority airports are kept in GitHub.

I’m going to make the assumption this is a no requests situation?

Phonetic alphabet… you’d think a pilot would know that…


The prioritization is defined by the IF Event team. They are requesting us to prioritize certain IF Airports (presumably for some special GA events).

E16, the airport closest to my house, could be reworked. There is nothing but the runway and one single gate to spawn in.

can you work on airports in [Pennsylvania

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Maybe, once I finish KPVF. No promises.

Currently working on YTYA.

Every body fly in Pennsylvania! Highly scenic good for the decathlon and other short GA flights!

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