GA aircraft

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to pop in and offer some perspective from flying airplanes in meat space.

When flying in light aircraft in Infinite Flight, I find that the physics does not mirror the experience in the real airplane. I think I may have an inkling as to why.

I think because the infinite flight simulator was probably design with larger aircraft in mind, the physics of mass doesn’t precisely translate to the Light aircraft.

For example, cross winds are having more effect on the Infinite Flight GA aircraft, then real Crosswinds have.

You can literally be having a fine takeoff, and all of a sudden be swept off the runway, while in a real airplane this would never happen.

For example, the Cessna 172 has demonstrated Crosswind Landing capability of 19 knots. In the infinite flight 172, one begins to have problems with directional control when the crosswind is more than six or seven knots.

I think the solution to this is to add more mass to the calculation in IF for the GA aircraft.

I tend to avoid flying the GA aircraft an infinite flight because the physics don’t make sense to me.

Giving the airplanes more inertia by adding mass Will increase stability, enable crosswind takeoffs and landings up to 19 knots, And enable the experience to be more fun.

It is possible that the weight is just set incorrectly. There is gross empty weight, and then there is actual takeoff weight and landing weight. It makes sense to me that maybe the weights are incorrect.

Lastly, I think the rudder should be larger, taking up more transverse space in the interface. As it is now, it is oversensitive, and that makes it harder to control the light aircraft.

Send in the spirit of improvement, and not as a criticism. This is an amazing service with a lot of amazing people and I love being a part of it.

Great idea, I’ll see if I can free up a vote. Remember to vote for your own feature request, if you can.

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I do completely agree that the physics are off and they need to be updated but I know the solution isnt adding more weight as the Max Takeoff Weight for a Cessna 172 is 2550 lbs


I agree as well, and maybe a better answer to what your looking for is like a Overall Physics Engine Rework for the game and in all honesty I believe something like that will come at an much later update, certainly after project metal is all done and rolled out.


Further thinking. I wonder if the mass of the air is off.

The problem always happens right at lift off. So I think there’s a different physics model for the airplane on the ground, then the one in the air, and where that model switches, is where the airplane loses control in a crosswind.

Airplanes moving at 100 miles an hour have a lot of directional stability, and that’s not reflected in the models

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I think the technical term for it is “twitchy” 😉

I hope there is a rework on the small airplanes, the taking off and landings so often ruin the experience.

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I think most of the stability of an aircraft is the wind passing along the sides of the plane. That is the same value, regardless of whether on land or in the air,