GA Aircraft Requesting Pushback

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I am currently controlling at KONT on the TS (practicing for IFATC) and I have a C172 that has just requested pushback. I am not too sure on what to do here, so I simply told him to taxi to runway 26R and contact tower when ready. Is this correct, or should I have given him pushback clearance?




Since a 172 can not push back a taxi clearance would be appropriate


What you did was correct. The pilot shouldn’t have even requested pushback in the first place since it is not able to actually push back, instead he should’ve requested to taxi. The same goes with all other GA props and the C-130.


Remember, they are simply asking. If an aircraft asks to taxi and they need to pushback, you can tell them to pushback first.


Nay, you should tell them to pushback first. Then prepare yourself for when they inevitably just taxi anyway…


The C-130 can actually ‘pushback’ with reverse thrust.


It can, but SOP is for ATC to tell them to taxi. If they wish to use reverse thrust, they can, but they are told to taxi rather than pushback.


As a Cessna 172 cannot pushback, I would just instruct him to taxi. If would like solid answer I would suggest contacting an IFATC member. They might be of some assistance.
Good luck with IFATC!

Luke ;)

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If you’re practicing for IFATC, get ready for a lot of those messages xD

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Lucky expert server has the “check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions” command

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It annoys me so much how little people know about C130s… 😢😭. Yes they can, and do push back. We prefer not to though.

Not angry at you though. Lol


It has the option for reverse thirst, but it cannot pushback :)

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I guess I’d need to know what the exact definition of push back is. Just to give you an example, we have pulled into smaller airports, where they do not have room on the flight line for us. So sometime we will come all the way into a corner, and park there for the night. When it comes time to depart later, we lower the ramp, have a crew master chill on the ramp and direct us back as we “pushback”. We do alert the tower that we will pushback first. Idk if that is supposed to mean with a tow vehicle or not though…?


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