G7 Summit at Ise-Shima

Hi,Air Force One has arrived at Cubu Centrair Int’l Airport(RJGG) only few minutes ago!
So many civilian airplanes were Holding😂

But One plane diverted in Kansai int’l Airport (RJBB )with lack of fuel by the Holding.

G7 Summit is going to be held from tomorrow.
I wish that World become the better by the Summit:)

Thank you😘


Did you take that photo?

No, But that’s screenshot.

Ok. It’s a pretty good shot.

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More photos about Air Force One and Marine One.

↑These are not my photos.

↑These are screenshots.

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Thank you a lot:)

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In the first picture, you can see the Government of Canada CC-150 Polaris! :)


Yes.They arrived two days ago.

Then they took a walk in Ise Grand Shrine:)

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