G7 Foreign Ministers summit Münster (Germany)

In the last 3 Days there was the G7 Foreign Minister summit here in Münster. All Ministers used the Local Airport EDDG (Airport Münster/Osnabrück) most states used there home carrier and Lufthansa to get here. But a handful off States decided to come with there own Government jets. The biggest of all were the USAF B757-200 and GAF A321neo, The othere States decided for Dessault Falcon 900 and Embraer Legacy 600 (E135)

Here are some of the Aircrafts i was able to catch.

Arrival of USAF B757-200 Registration 990003:

Departure of USAF B757-200 Registration 990003:

Arrival of Italian Air Force Dessault Falcon 900 Registration MM62245:

Arrival of Royal Air Force Dessault Falcon 900 Registration G-ZABH:

Arrival of the French Foreign Minister in an Thalair Embraer Legacy 600 Registration F-HFKD:


Wonderful shots! Well done!

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Absolutely good pictures ! My favorite one is the second, i love doing planespotting at night!

Greetings and good morning from Toronto, Canada

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Thanks you

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Thanks, i kinda like it as well but a bit more light is always better then a pitch black Evening with clouds that even block the Moonlight

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