G20 Foreign Ministers Conference Spotting in Nagoya! 11/23/2019

Hello community!

Yesterday I went spotting at Chubu Centrair International Airport(NGO/RJGG). There was a G20 Foreign Ministers Conference hosted in Nagoya from the 22nd to the 23rd, so I there would be some government and VIP planes at the airport. Now let’s get to the photos!

Lufthansa | A340-313 | D-AIGX | LH737 | FRA-NGO

A Lufthansa A340-300, named “Rheine”, touches down in Nagoya after a flight from Frankfurt. This time they sent the new livery, but part of engine no.4’s cowling is grey from the old livery.

Finnair | A350-941 | OH-LWL | AY79 | HEL-NGO

A Finnair A350 in the Marimekko Kivet livery landing after a flight from Helsinki. They switched the HEL-NGO aircraft from the A330 to the A350 in May of this year.

Air Macau | A320-232 | B-MCI | MFM-NGO

This was a photo from my last spotting session, back in August. Air Macau operated a special charter from Macau, and we even got a special livery!

Eva Air | 787-10 | B-17802 | BR128 | TPE-NGO

An Eva 787-10 with reversers deployed. They usually operate the -9 on this route, so it was a surprise to get the long boi.

Loong Air | A320-232 | B-8983 | GJ8035 | XIY-NGO

Loong Air started flying to Nagoya a few weeks ago, and what I find strange is that it landed at around 9 AM, and then took of at 9 PM, so I dunno why they would regularly do a 12 hour layover.

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau | Cessna 525 Citation | JA012G | NGO-N/A

This didn’t appear on FR24 so I was confused what this was doing here. It likely flew to Tokyo or Osaka. There was also a Saab 2000 of the same operator at the remote stands, but didn’t make any movement the whole day.

The Government Aircraft

So here are the sPiCy bOiS

Luftwaffe | A340-313X | 16+02 | NGO-N/A

The German Air Force’s VIP A340-300. For some reason they sent 16+02, the secondary aircraft instead of 16+01. It likely went home to its base in Germany or went on another stop after it took off, carrying
Heiko Maas.

Unknown Airline | Boeing 767 | NGO-N/A

Honestly I had no idea what airline this was, I couldn’t even get a clue. It didn’t seem like Comlux or Diamond Jets, so I’ll leave it up to you guys if you can find the airline.

Russia- Special Flight Squadron | Ilyushin IL-96-300 | RA-96014 | NGO-VKO

These were my 2 favorite shots of the entire day! The takeoff was epic, as the Russian Aviadvigatel PS-90 engines made a fairly different noise compared to the usual GE, RR, and PW engines.

Welp folks, here were my photos! In case you guys haven’t noticed, my new profile pic, a Cathay A350-1000, was taken this day in a beautiful sunset. PM me if you want to see the full photo!


Nice pictures


Thank you!

Those events are always a great opportunity to see some rare planes, very nice pictures!


The Photos are phenomenal and your new Profile Picture is splendid looking ⭐️

Always Love to see Spottings in Japan 🤍❤️🤍

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Nice pictures. It’s always cool to spot unusual aircraft like these, profile pic looks great!