Hey! I’ve started an ATC thread to help improve my controlling skills. I’m on my way to becoming an IFATC hopefully, so in between my training sessions, I would love some extra practice! All feedback is appreciated!

-Training Server
-Ground and Tower Ops

If you have any airports or are interested in doing some pattern work just let me know!

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Airfield Info and NOTAMS

Runways 18L and 18R in use
Winds are CALM

Taxi Map:

I will be online for around 45 mins - 1 hour depending on traffic!

I’ll stop by

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still open if anyone wants to do some pattern work!

I’ll come by and do some pattern work.

Callsign: N606MS

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Hello I was Air Force and N456DX so I noticed one thing when I did the Air Force flight I called inbound for landing after aerobatics high up and you gave me the correct traffic pattern but you gave me after “Number 1 Cleared For The Option after the option make right traffic” but I wanted to land and end. You fixed it after don’t worry this is a friendly reminder

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I didn’t clear you for landing until you said you were landing full stop. thanks for coming!

I had to say full stop because I said inbound for landing you gave me “enter right downwind 18R” then when I got closer you gave me cleared for the option then to make right traffic”

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Thank you @Helicopterzzz and @Mukundan_Srivatsa coming to my first ATC thread!

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  1. Good Pattern Entries
  2. I was cleared for the option twice on my first pattern.
  3. On the exit runway message, I wad told to hold short 18R even though there were no aircraft in the vicinity.
  4. Good Response Time

Great controlling! I had a good time in the pattern!

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Location: EDDM (Munich)
Runways in use: 26R and 26L

Open for around 30-60 minutes!
Pattern work and regular ATC.

still open if anyone wants to come along!

Hey ill come on for a bit

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Thank you for coming along @Cameron_M. It made my controlling a little less boring!

OPEN! (30-60 minutes)

Airport: Fort Lauderale International Airport (KFLL)
Runways: Departing and Arriving 10L and 10R

Come along for some pattern work!
All feedback is appreciated!

@CaptainZac @Bmoney326 @Louverture.EU @IF787 @Tomjuul1996 @Mazyad
If you want your name removed, let me know!

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There are people already spawning in so any aircraft who join won’t be alone!

This is my home airport! I have to come in!

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I had to be quick with feedback, short on time, but if you have questions, PM

-When ask for freq change to tower, say already cleared to change frequency.

-When I LUAW, should’ve done immediate takeoff, loss of separation with the aircraft on final that could’ve been avoided.

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thank you for being there. I tried to be nice by just saying switch to tower, but I know that I should’ve said you’ve already been told to change freq. Thanks for joining! would you like to be mentioned next time?

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Ah ok, well thanks for being nice, but if you’re training, you shouldn’t be nice. Act as if you’re one expert server, as that’s what you’re training for. You’re doing well, can’t wait to see you in IFATC.

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