G.S.E (Ground Support Equipment)

Hi to everyone

I wanted to open that one to bring my rock of help to you guys (#Dev Developers ) on a location where I currently and I’ve been for a few years now. Where we learn alot in the pasengers world as in the Cargo one.

I would like to add some positioning ajustments that need be in the Sim for a better understanding of the ground operations around an aircraft (Narrow body as Wide body) that I will show in multiple edited screenshots I’ve made of Sim.

This ajustment include all narrow body aircraft (737, 757, A318 till A321, EMB195) the cathering truck aslo come to the left rear door as additional position.

The Bulk section is also a missing Cargo door in the System : The Bulk is a section in the cargo bay of an wide body aircraft where we use to load the last pasenger laugages and is were the CREW laugages are located and load aswell. This section is a very crutial part on the aircraft .

(photo by Me) As you can see here, the Bulk is an important opening part at the aircraft for CREW bags, Last minutes Laugages and OVERSIZE laugages aswell !

Here another reorganisation of the GSE in front of every Wide Body aircraft

This one shows you how it should look at the rear cargo doors.

The additional Cathering truck come to place at the left rear door as shown here for pasenger aircrafts.

Here are the new machines organisation needed around Cargo Aircrafts, all keeping in mind the importance of the Bulk for the Crew Bags and also Cargo loading

I also forgot about the Carbon Fiber New generation Aircrafts such as the A350 as 787’s

Their designs are a little different as their predecessors A330 and 767 in aluminium materials.
The Bulk door here is located a the left side, so the postion of the convoyer belt is modify.

I chosed to not open a feature request for this as the main purpos is to share ajustment suggestions for futur updates. I would love to help you guys to do better than this beacause when I see other Sim addons such as GSX, It just get me mad about their missconceptions of ground airport operations. If you ever need informations on this, you can gather them by going over the terrain or asking help on workers (Like me for example) ; )
About the L2 door, it is mainly used on heavies or wide body aircrafts but rarely on narrow body aircrafts due the danger of contact with the left engine.
Best regards to IF teams


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I hope your attention to detail and this tweek will be noticed and be seriously considered by the “developer” that worked hard to give us the GSE we have now.

It was mentioned that the GSE now was just the "first"release so your guide to more realistic placement could actually be accomplished.

To add to your presentation, I hope we will see the GPU actually provide power and the pushback tug(s) back away from the aircraft several feet before disappearing. This will complement your thinking. My post is not a formal feature request just thinking out loud based on looking at your examples.

thank you


I hope this gets noticed, I’m all for realism, as most of us are



As Phoenix previously mentioned, the GSE is only in its first release, and Infinite Flight did a great job in bringing it into the simulator. I agree with all your suggestions, and I definitely believe that improvements will be made at some point in the future. There’s always a start to everything :)


Been waiting for someone to say something like this, this NEEDS to be noticed and changed!! I approve


thank you too for this additional support for the idea


I glad we had the same idea


Thanks for information i want this be changed


Very good points! This would be an easy way to improve the game with what we already have!


That’s some constructive feedback that you cannot see every day. Great catch!


Love the explanations and Photos. Definitely should be taken into account for the devs in the future. It’s the little things that make IF great.


Now that is something i would very love to see! Great points! Appreciate your time :)


WoW! Someone has eagle eyes, well done on the time taken on this


Also on aircraft that have L2 doors before the wing, maybe have the gate go to that door instead of the L1, here is an example.
Gate on L2 Door
Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 9.01.48 AM
Gate on L1 instead of L2, @Airborne971 for the picture.


The jetbridge at the L1 door is risky on certain aircraft due to proximity with the engine.
It is possible on heavie aircraft only with their higher levels to the ground and more distant engines, but not narrow aircrafts, same for A321 or 739 (737-900)

Hi i Ihave to say this too
Some planes are preparing for the international flight after the domestic flight.
Since the plane is parked at the International terminal, passengers need to take the stairs and take the bus to the domestic line terminal. All we need is for the Ground service to offer us 2 options.

1)Jetbridge 2) Ladder vehicle and Bus

In the example photo, I parked the plane a little back. ⬇️


Very well detailed input. I am sure with more updates, we would have a lot more GSEs featuring. My only complaints are the lack of choice as to which door catering trucks go to and also the fact that the cargo vehicles leave before the plane cargo doors close or they open before the cargo vehicles get there. It just annoys me a little bit when that happens. Hopefully the team takes on board your analysis.


Very detailed and good put. I hope this gets added.

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For what you’re asking, you should open a request for additional options of G.S.Es .

My topic here is mainly over the reoganistion of what they already have in the Sim

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