G forces

Hey everyone! I had an idea and wanted to see your guys’s accounts on this.

What’s the most g forces you have ever flown in IF?

The most I’ve ever gotten was about 30 in the f-22

(I checked for a similar topic and it was closed in 2016 so I think this’ll be fine)

I pulled about 25Gs while flying a raptor at 1000 knots then pulling a chicane move. My pilot blacked out

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Didn’t know the pilot could black out. Will test now.

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I did around 54 G’s in a F-14.

No you can’t in Infinite Flight. I meant he would have in war thunder and irl

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I think I did 60-70 that was in the raptor, I think I died. IRL tho, I’ve only experienced 2.1g’s

Holy heck. That’s lot of gees.

Actually I pulled like 1000 Gs using @AviatorDan 's glitch to get to space

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I’ve pulled 9Gs before in an F-22, don’t know how I was still alive…

And the pilot survived. Oh wait, what pilot?


I sped up to over 1000 knots with the f22 and pulled hard on the stick until the flight physics just broke and flew in a straight line at a 90 degree angle of attack and just shook like crazy. But this was the old version if IF… haven’t tried on global yet.

I think his head caved in actually

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