G- Force Question

Hi ! This is my first post.

So whenever i start my descent, the G-Force indicator shows 0.9G or even 0.8G.
Does 0.9G still comfortable for passengers?

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Yes I believe the average G-Force on a person is 1G. When you descend that number will go down slightly and when you climb that number will go up slightly. Hope this helps!

Maybe you’ve been on a plane yourself already, but you can actually feel it in real life as well. When the plane starts its descent, you notice it. You feel „lighter“ for just a moment. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It’s the same feeling you have during the departure when the pilot lowers the nose of the plane after the initial climb.

It’s actually like in a 0G plane, but not as extreme and exciting 😃


0.9G’s is suitable for passengers. You barely feel 0.9 in real life. You start to actually notice and feel it at probably around 1.5G’s. I’ve pulled 6G’s before and lemme tell you, it’s VERY noticeable. My face was drooping at 6G’s


It’s almost like if you’ve ever driven down a windy hilly country road, and fou feel your stomach turn a little as you go down, and pressed into your seat as you level out? Hardly uncomfortable, but noticeable. It’s just like that, follows that same curve @Marc showed us, just to a smaller portion. 0.9 may be noticeable, but hardly uncomfortable, sleeping passengers would probably sleep through it anyway.


0.9Gs is perfectly fine, 1.0Gs in normal, 2Gs is a little uncomfortable, anything above 5Gs requires training and 15+ requires special Air Force specific training. On descent you want to aim for 0.5 to 1.5Gs with 2Gs being the max you want to reach. From personal experience, anything like 6Gs is uncomfortable and deadly without training so yeah. The lower the Gs (generally) is better.

Thanks for the answers guys ! 😁

Can we see g-forces of real world flights? Flight radar doesn’t show that. But might be another site?

15+ never happens in manned aircraft.

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Even the fittest pilots using G-Suit technology start to black out at +9 sustained on average.

You can go higher in a reclined seat (space craft/F16) but in an upright position (Martin Baker Standard bang seat) then 9 sustained is probably the max you would want to subject yourself to!

14 you could probably do if only subjected to it for a very short amount of time.

It’s all massively uncomfortable believe me. :D

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In an airline, the maximum bank angle is limited to 30 degree so as to not exceed 1.15g for everyone on board.

Even 1.4g becomes uncomfortable for most people (think moderate turbulence)

2g turn (60 degree bank) is a commercial maneuver, do 5 or 6 turns in a row and most will ask for a break.

Anything beyond that is acrobatics and feels odd on the body. Without G-suit and some training one can handle 6G for a few seconds. A F-18 is limited to 7.5G (pilots are wearing a G-suit - except the blue Angels, to support sur G-load)
The maximum I have seen a pilot fly is 10G for a short while during an aerobatic contest and the pilot was really unhappy about it as he could have blacked out and lost control of the plane!

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…apart from fighter jets.

No. Nowhere near 15.

9, max.

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Yeah that’s alright.

Astronauts experience around 3g on liftoff

On roller coasters you experience anything up to 7g.

G Force is how many times heavier you feel than your own weight
So If you experience 5g you feel x5 heavier than you actually are

This will put more pressure on your heart


As long as you don’t push or pull +68.8G or -40.1G you should be fine, LOL.


Image credit @Qantas094

But in all seriousness read this:

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I mean the force of gravity you experience everyday is 1G so .9G isnt off but really if your aicraft is sitting still on the ground at the gate you should be experiencing 1G still.

And the further you are away from the earth the less g you will feel.

So flying at typical cruising altitudes you will be subject to slightly less than 1g anyway.

Fighter aircraft like the f-22 can get close to 25Gs, it’s just that not many Air Force pilots yet alone any other humans are able to take that many Gs

That decrease is negligible. By 30,000ft you only experience .29% less. You dont get to around .9G until around 300km above Earth’s surface

Nobody can sustain g like that. Not without injury and even that kind of short period instantaneous g will cause harm.

Sure certain aircraft are stressed to higher than 9g, even the spitfire, but nothing will sustain it.