G’Day Mate meets Howdy y’all @ YSSY - 060200ZOCT18

Hello there!
With this event Tailwinds invites you to fly with us on one of Untied Airlines longest routes! This route is served by the beautiful 787 Dreamliner and covers quite a distance in the air! So, Tailwinds invites you to join us on this flight!
Flight Details:
Departure Airport: YSSY
Arrival Airport: KIAH
Time: 6th of October 2018 at 0200Z (ZULU) 7pm the 5th of October(Pacific Time)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: United 787-9
ETA: 14-15 hours
NOTAM: Please respectful to eachother and watch out for each other and give eachother plenty of room for Taxi when on the ground. Try to maintain a 5nm-8nm distance between the aircraft in front of you!
Flight Plan:
Coming Soon! – Flight Dispatcher working on it

1-30: @Daniel14
1-31: @Kate_Russell
1-32: @DiamondGaming4
1-33: @William_Burke
1-34: @esant_15

More gates will not be added

Interested in joining TFC? We would Love to have you aboard! Just fill in an application and we will respond within 24 hours! Not sure? Check out our official thread for more details!


Uhhh, I think that you picked the wrong picture…

It should be fixed now 😂

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Sign me up for 1-31 please.

Signed you up! See you then!

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Wow, TFC has a lot of events right now!

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Yep! We’re trying to have the best events that are often also!

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Can’t pass up a KIAH event 😂

Put me down for a gate please!

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Added you to the list!

Sign me up! Can’t wait!

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Can I have gate 1-34?

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Sorry for a late response, I’ll sign you up now!


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