G-300 Twin otter

The DHC-6 Twin Otter is a Canadian aircraft designed by De Havilland Canada with Viking Air in 1964.
This aircraft is equipped with two PT-6 type turboprop engines on the wings.
The DHC-6 is a special and very versatile aircraft because its landing gear can be equipped with either wheels, skis or floats.
This model is still active, and also used in the military framework, as for the French Air Force, which has five of them.

Who uses this turboprop engine?

Airline Number of aircraft
Air Madagascar 3
Air Seychelles 2
Sonair 8
Aviastar Mandiri 6
Maldivien 7
Trans Maldivian Airways 40
Winair 5
Zimex Aviation 10
Air Inuit 7
Grand Canyon Airlines 15
Ken Borek Air 11
SVG Air 6

I couldn’t list them all because there are so many companies using it. As you could see, almost all the companies that use this aircraft are not known (I think you must recognize some of them), but what I mean is that in addition to putting this aircraft on IF, we bring in new companies unlike others that are extremely well known.

There is already a feature request for the twin otter that has quite a bit of support. You can go ahead and support this aircraft’s addition to Infinite Flight there. :)

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three people were typing as I was typing this i hope i was the first to tell you this is a duplicate DHC-6 Twin Otter


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