Fynn111's ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Alright thank you for the feedback :)
Yea, I still have to get a better feeling regarding possible conflicts, but situations like this really help to learn that very quickly

– EDDL is now closed and I try to open again tomorrow (around the same time) –

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I just opened EDDL again

@LordNC @Black_Bird @Fedex @Rocky_Black

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How long are you staying open?

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I try to stay open for another half an hour

Coming in now!

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Great job! No complaints

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Perfect, thank you for coming! :)

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– EDDL tower and ground is now closed –

Thank you for the service. I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [21:39z] - Unnecessary “Extend Downwind” for N811NC.
  • [21:43z] - Upwind conflict resolution.


  • The use of the “extend downwind” command is usually for critical situations where separation may be lost. I would recommend avoiding an excessive use, otherwise you will be over-controlling.

  • Whenever you face an upwind conflict, where you have the two aircrafts on upwind and one of them is requesting a runway change (OO-LXV), send a “Extend Upwind” command to the aircraft requesting the change; that way, the aircraft won’t turn into the other aircraft path. Once the aircraft that did not request change (CC-NPR) has turned towards crosswind, give a pattern entry to the aircraft requesting change. Do not confuse or send with “Turn Crosswind” as you did on today’s session (remember that all runway changes must have a pattern entry prior clearance.

Solid Points:
Transition altitude.
Pattern entries.
Sequencing skills.
Runway changes.
Go-around call.

Outstanding session. Perfect knowledge of commands and their corresponding use. Only minor mistakes. Overall, great airspace awareness and most importantly an organized pattern work.

Let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll be happy to help.


Hey Fynn,

Nice job over there in EDDL.

The only thing I could add is the following.
(Timestamp 21:41 till 21:43)
Extend upwind… was very good when I asked rwy change to rwy23R. A little later you said turn crosswind. It’s better to say in this case “enter right downwind rwy23R, nr 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind.”
So I know where you want me in the pattern and which way to turn.

For the rest, great job!
Stef oo-lxv

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Ok, thank you so much for your very detailed feedback, I will keep it in mind! Thank you for coming :)

No problem, nice job!
May I ask, are you being trained by an IFATC Trainer or have you been training by yourself?

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Yeah I was also a little unsure what kind of command to give but now I know it, thank you for coming! :)

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I taught myself (I made 1000+ operations on TS before opening this thread and I watched some ATC livestreams)

Wow, impressive. It was one of the best sessions I’ve seen in a while.
Best of luck in your IFATC practical!

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Thank you for your kind words :)

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve just passed my practical exam!

Many, many thanks to everyone who took the time to help me pass the exam:

@nicopizarro @Rocky_Black @Stef_Smet @Fedex @LordNC @Black_Bird

The feedback was really good and it helped me so much!

If any of you wants to open an airport to train for IFATC, feel free to ping me. :)

This thread can now be closed.


Congrats !

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Congrats man.

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Congratulations man! Happy you made it!

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