Fynn111's ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!
I passed the written test a week ago and have only trained my ATC skills at busy airports on the Training Server so far. Now I wanted to take the opportunity to practice with more experienced people.
I would appreciate any feedback. :)

Server: Training Server

Airport: Dusseldorf (EDDL)

Frequencies: Ground & Tower

Runways: 23L and 23R

Status: Closed


Hey, I cant make it right now. But hopefully next time. Please feel free to ping me!


Alright thank you :)


You can tag me if you want to.

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Ok, thanks :)

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going to stop by in like 3 mins.


Feedback from JY-ARB
As I’m not an IFATC yet, (in the process) I’ll give you my general feedback.

Everything seems to be very good and correct. You cleared me for the option which (based on my training) is correct. You gave me the correct pattern instruction for my runway change. The exit runway was correct although choosing either right or left is better just in case the pilot is new to the airport.

Nice job, good luck on your test. Have a nice day/night!


Thank you so much for coming and for the feedback

Good luck with IFATC, we are in the same boat :)

May I ping you next time?


Absolutely! Anytime you want, I would love to help!


Nice job! Thanks for having me!


Oh ok I forgot that, thank you for coming :)

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Hey B-LCK here, thanks for having me. You did a good job out there. Pattern, sequence, clearance = perfect. Only two minor things:

. Wait for the pilot to contact ground himself and watch carefully which taxi command he wants to tell you. The pilot decides what he wants to do next, e.g. Parking, taxi for departure. That’s what I tried to enforce ;).
. It’s good to keep traffic flowing. Especially when it comes to departures. But as mentioned in the ATC manual: take into account that a slower aircraft (me) gets eventually catched up by a faster plane (747) behind me. Take these 8-10 extra seconds. It’s always better to keep separation instead of declustering such a situation.

Thx again. See you next time!


Thank you so much for coming, it’s really great that so many people joined my first session. :)

Thank you for your very precise feedback! At the end I also thought: “Oh God, I should have waited a little longer”.

EDDL is closed for today, maybe I’ll open again tomorrow.


@EDDL now opened @LordNC @Black_Bird @Rocky_Black

I’ve had a very busy week so I couldn’t open but now I have more time so it would be nice if some of you could join


Feedback from JY-ARB:

Everything was correct. Runway change was perfect. Very nice job!

Have a great day/night!

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Thank you for coming! :)
You also have a tracking thread, right? You can ping me the next time you open an airport if you want :)

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Sure I will. Thanks!

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Sorry can’t make it.

Ok, maybe next time

From now on I try to open every day so that I can make an appointment for the practical test at the end of the week

Feedback from F-EDEX

Well everything was perfect, good job… just two things regarding the departing eurowing, the “fly runway heading until at or above nnnn feet” was not necessary, i was still on base and there was no possibile conflict and always for the eurowings the frequency change could have been issued earlier, there was no possible conflict there too, but those are just details great job!
Next time you open if you want tag me, I’ll try my best to be there!

Have a good night/day

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