Fying to Amman with Kuwait Airways in 24th of March

Hey all,
I will be heading from DXB to AMM using Kuwait airways

We will drive from Ruwais Housing Complex(ADNOC City) to Dubai Airport (4hrs) in the 24th of March, Morning, then at 6:00AM we will check in then wait tell the boarding starts, then we will board and we will takeoff expected at 9:05AM then we will land at Kuwait then we will wait for 1h tell the next flight to Amman then we will drive to irbid

Planes and Times:-

DXB-KWI KU672 320 New 9:05AM
DOH-AMM KU561 320 old 11:00AM
Time mentioned above is in Zulu

Please track me and post screenshots down and I will take ton of pics(As Always) and post them down

Thank you all

NOTE:- My timezone at Dubai is Zulu +4 and at Kuwait +3 and at Amman +2

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Post it in here Track other members' flights!

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