Fw 190A-3 MP499 (British Fw 190)

This Fw 190A-3 was handed to the British by accident. In June 23 1942, Arnim Faber was asigned to the 7th Unit of the 3rd Fighter Group of the 2nd Fighter Wing (7 Staffel 3/JG 2). The unit scrambled to intercept a group of Boston bombers who were coming back from a mission, while being escorted by three Squadron of Spitfires.
During the fight, Faber became disoriented, separsting himself from the other German aircraft. He was attacked by a Spitfire and, in an effort to avoid being shot down, he headed towards Exeter, Devon. After shooting down the Spitfire (the pilot survived), he turned and headed back to his base.
Faber mistook the Bristol Channel for the English Channel, and ended up landing his Fw 190 on the RAF Pembrey base. The Spitfire Mk IX was designed in an effort to counter this aircraft.


War can be really interesting! This would be one of the perfect planes to represent D-Day even though D-Day would be a few weeks back

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In fact it was 3 days ago.

I mean the difference between 6 June and 23 June

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Totally unrelated dates though, this one was captured in 1942.

Yes that’s what I mean :P

Anniversaries wise the year doesn’t matter if we are to celebrate on the day right? :P

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