I’m not quite sure where to put this so sorry about that

In IF, R.G Mugabe Airport(HRE/FVRG) doesn’t seem to have an ILS, where in real life both runways are ILS Equipped. Not sure what i want anyone to do about it i just wanted the information out there


I’ll take a look into this.


did i put this in the right category though? i wasnt really sure where it would go lol

Probably fits better in #thirdparty:developer, but no sweat. Sorry about the delay, I fell asleep earlier than I intended last night, I’ll look into it in a bit.

It stays in General since it is a question about something in the game itself. And #thirdparty:developer is for projects themselves.

It is something to be worked on, and will eventually get looked at at some point. I can’t guarantee when that will be.

It does have ILS approaches in real life from what I can see, sources weren’t easy. This may be addressed to someone at some point, but for now I’ll pass since I’m working on other regions that need to be worked on.

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Developer is for airport editing stuff mainly so it does fit. I’ll work on this for you.

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Thanks! We can close this now