FVACast Reunion Episode

Hello forum members:

So much time has passed where to begin. I used to go by the designator Infinite.Flight and recently a bunch of my old colleagues from FVA (Frontier Virtual Airlines) are planning on bringing back for one episode (possibly more) an old reunion episode of the FVACast, Episode 20. We want to bring back some oldies from back in 2017-2019 of the IF forums and talk about the last two to three years of IF development.
We plan on having a nostalgic chat about VAs, and global, and all that’s changed.

Feel free to sign up through the below form if you are interested in becoming one with a podcast for an episode.

A Nostalgic Fan with @Drew33950


Blast from the past! Nice to have you guys back :)


Hmmm. I’ll consider joining in! I’m definitely an old timer here

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Great to be back. Looking forward to recollecting on 5 years of IF history and fun with the old FVA and IF crew.

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Would love to have you!

Love frontier!

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@jasonrosewell I’ll do it if you do it.


just signed up

omg WHAT are you still doing here? Who let you out?

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I’m everywhere. I see everything. But if there’s ever been a reason to come out of the shadow IF government, this is it…


The thing is… I don’t think we’re invited. 🥲

Oh, well this is extremely awkward then 😬.


I appreciate the sign up! We’ll get back to you if we plan to move forward with inviting you onboard! Cheers.

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sounds like you want to get the invite ⁉️🤔

If you are interested in joining to discuss the beginning days of IF, FlightCast, and other such mementos of IF you are welcome to join.

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