FVACast Episode 18 “Wrapping the Past and Presenting the Future”

Welcome back to the FVACast as always I’m your host and CEO on today’s episode. In the cockpit we will be discussing some changes coming to FVA that will drastically change how this airline operates and is seen. Some bad news will be followed by some good news so be sure to tune in!

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Questions Questions and More Questions:

This episode a lot is going to change about Frontier Virtual Airlines. If you have any questions on how we operate, when we plan on adding any new service, what our numbers are like, our future plans, a history of our past, anything and everything about FVA and our amazing pilots, feel free to drop a question or more below and we will do our best to answer all. If we miss your question we do apologize.

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Do you have any routes in or out of KSJC? If so, to where? If not, would you add them in the future?

My question for FVACast


Thank you for your question! We will be sure to review and answer it ;)

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Any new partnerships or news along that nature?

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Thank you for your question my friend! We’ll be sure to go over it :)

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How is Frontier coming along, just in general?

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Do you have any plans for the summer?

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Spirit airlines is getting wifi but Frontier hasn’t said anything… I’d bring that up

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Do you mean the VA? And thanks for your question :)

I look forward to talking about this ;) thanks man!

Yes, thats what I mean

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Okay thank you Connor!

How will the inclusion of the CRJ look? What is the history behind the use? (routes/hubs/fate…)

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Thank you for asking! Tune in to find out ;)

Episode goes live tonight! Don’tmiss out On your chance to ask a

Our major update will go live at some undisclosed point in the stream so don’t miss out on it!

We are going live !!! Be sure to click the link below and tune in for the big change at FVA. Feel free to use our live chat feature to ask questions and as always, keep being your avgeek best!



How do we know whos talking as I know Roberts Voice but I have no clue the other peoples tbh xD


You begin to tell the difference by whose profile photos belong to who ;) thanks for tuning in!

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