FVACast Episode 17 - Video Now Available


Welcome back fellow Aviation lovers and enthusiasts, I am happy to bring you to Episode 17 of FVACast! This episode we will also be airing live.

🎬 Podcast Team: 🎧
@Infinite.flight (Host and Captain)
@Cessna_Driver (CoHost and First Officer)
@Tecnam2TA (YouTube Livestream moderator and Manager)
@Drew33950 (FVA staff member and lead Flight Attendant/CoHost)
@OJFam (FVA staff member and Flight Attendant/occasional guest)

In today’s episode, Robert (Infinite.Flight) and Matt get together along with Drew and Justin (OJFam) for some Frontier Virtual discussions on how the VA has been progressing. All of our reports and numbers will be publically released and discussed. In addition, talk of aviation disasters, accidents, and news will also be a part of the agenda.

If you’d like to leave feedback or ASK questions, please comment below. We will be answering questions pertaining to FVA and our input on aviation news within the past month or so.

Youtube Livestream Link 🎥

Episode goes live at the following time on April 29th, 2018 at:

6 PM West Coast Daylight Savings Time
7 PM Mountain Daylight Savings Time
8 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
9 PM East Coast Daylight Savings Time



Cant wait I really like the FVA casts


We are very happy to hear that! We like making them for you guys too 😉


If I have time, I can listen to it. :D


Well then for my own sake I hope you have time ;)
Thank you for your support!


Can’t wait 😝😝. Podcasts are the best.

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I do tend to agree that that statement ;)

Questions asked here will be asked on the episode


Ok, here is my question:

What makes FVA different from other VAs?


1: When will you guess host long haul flights?
2: Was it a optional for you guys to merge with another airline?
3: Why did you guess decide to merge with Porter Airlines?
4: Where do you see FVA in another 2 years?
5: How can someone become a staff member?

I look forward to listing the many ways ;)

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Do you mean partnership? We never merged with them :) but more on the partnership in the episode!

I will quickly try to finish my homework then.

Some ideas:

  • Allegiant on 60 minutes
  • Southwest incident
  • Growth of airlines IRL

Just 1 kind request, when discussing aviation incidents/disasters of any magnitude, please refrain from trashing an airline as a whole.

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How open are you to partnerships with other VAs?

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We refrain from trashing any airlines on air. I make a solemn promise as host that will never happen.

Thank you for your questions! We will ask them :)

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Thank you for your question :) make sure to tune in

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Sorry, but I will not be able to tune in, so will there be a video after?

There will indeed! After the livestream is over it exports into a video format and is paced on our channel.

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The link is now available :) if you can all it to the livestream this Monday please do!

We go live in 24 hours! Feel free to Ask any more questions you may have :)