FVACast Episode 15 Livestream + Guest (Stream Finished)

🎧🎼🎼Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 15th episode of FVACast. I’m your host and I’m very excited to be bringing you our schedule and next guest to this esteeemd podcast which is currently the only active IF podcast so if you want to hear all things Infinite Flight in addition to FVA tune in and subscribe :D

Podcast Team 🎧
@Infinite.flight (Host and Captain)
@Cessna_Driver (Podcast First Captain)
@Tecnam2TA (Electronic Wizard and Audio Recorder)

Episode 15 of FVACast: FrontierVA Welcomes It’s First Captain

  1. Please join with me in giving @Hockeyman_02 a huge round of applause. This fine young man has gone down in FVA history for becoming the first of all of our pilots to achieve the incredible rank of Frontier Captain.
    Hockeyman02, or as we call him Nathan, has logged 30 hours of flight time. Make sure you tune in to find out how he achieved 30 hours of flight time in under 2 weeks.

  2. Also, feel free to ask questions about FVA and it’s plans with the A321 and CRJ

If you have questions on how Nathan achieved this, what it’s like to be in FVA and as a Captain no less, or what his Aviation background is, please comment below!

Here is the link to the livestream. The episode airs live this coming Saturday at 9 PM EST. 🎬🎤


What was your reaction when you found out that you were the first FVA pilot to reach Frontier Captain?


We’ll be sure to ask him :)

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What are the best things to consider when choosing an animal before a flight?

If Frontier were to merge with another US carrier, which would you choose and why?


Thank you for your question! We’ll be sure to ask him!

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You mean sure 😉 lol

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Whistles nonchalantly…I don’t see where I said that ;)

But really thanks man haha

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Nathan how much sleep did you get in the last two weeks?

There we go. Comment edited.

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Thank you my friend :)

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On my behalf @SkyHighGuys please mention me Congrats to Hockeyman_02

Which Fronteir tail is your personal favorite?

Thanks bud for your question. As we don’t get a huge volume of questions, the odds of you being mentioned are pretty high ;)

@SkyHighGuys you’re welcome, have a great day.

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This episode is going live in 5 hours! Any questions submitted in this specific thread after 9 PM EST will not be asked. So get your questions in soon! Find the inside scoop on what it’s like being a part of FVA.

Tune in to the only active Infinite Flight podcast tonight. If you can, find our YouTube channel and set a reminder for the episode. You will not regret it!

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Episode is going live in 1 hour and 4 minutes!

Questions in this thread will close with the sharing of the like link but you can always always head over to our live chat and ask away. We do this for you as we hope you enjoy the causal chat about shared common interested :)



A live link will be shared soon. Join us and listen as we interrogate Nathan:)


Lol you already shared the link. 😉


Episode has just begun streaming! Enjoy!

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Episode has now finished! Feel free to listen to the whole 1.5 hour stream now a video web it goes up on the channel. Huge shoutout to all you lovely folks for commentating and being there in the live chat. Meant a lot to us. We had a ton of people show up.

Anyways that ends it for this episode. Have a great night/day everyone.


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