FVACast Episode 13 Live Streamed Coming Your Way! (Questions Needed)

Hey forum peeps:

I know it has been a very long time since our last podcast episode, but you can expect another one coming out either tomorrow or some time the week.
As global hit us we became overwhelmed with the carrier and left some nonessential items for later consideration. However, we want you to wait no more.

We recently adopted our third Staff Member. Please welcome @Drew33950 to the podcast and to our tagging them. Keep in mind I will be asking him questions about global and his thoughts on FVA but feel free to ask any questions on his background with IF, or other normal podcast questions
You can find the podcast uploaded on our YouTube channel.

Live link

Any questions? Feel free to drop a comment below and I will do my best to try and get him ready. Thanks for the support y’all :D


If we have no questions in 5 hours from now I’ll just use some from my own pilots. Sorry for the really late notice but we didn’t realize we were doing it until today.

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  1. Spirit or Frontier?
  2. Flight attendant or ATC?
  3. why did you choose FVA?

Good Luck


Thank you for the reply :D it is greatly appreciated.

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How did you become staff and why? What is your position in FVA?


What do you like about global?


Favourite part of FVA.

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@NismoKits @1ofthe3amegos thank you for your questions guys :)


Whats your favorite FVA Route so far in global?

What will/can you bring to FVA?

Hugh? Ozzy? Alberta and Clipper? Colorado? or Sheldon??

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Thank you for your questions :) your support means a lot my friend. We are actually sitting down to record the podcast episode.


How old are you?
Do you have a crush?
Is FVA a top class VA in your opinion?
What is your current status and rank on FVA?
Coke or Sprite?

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Thank you for all the questions people! I rpgrul appreciate the support. The episode is recorded and being produced :) expect it soon on our YT channel!

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The episode is now out for public viewing. Thanks for the questions y’all!!


Es yes yes yes yes yes yes…no! It’s not necroposting to bump this thread back up. I’m doign so to give peeps who have never even heard of FVACast a chance to browse around. That being said, make sure you head over to our brand new questions thread where we will be interviewing the members of Infinite Flight Real World Air Traffic Control.

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We finally have that live link for you. Once we are live you can simply click the link above and it will guide you to our live podcast episode.

IPlease drop questions for our wonderful guest stars. If none are asked I’ll proceed asking my own ;)

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