FVA Trip Report I A320-214 I Frontier Airlines


Hello guys and welcome to this Frontier Virtual Trip Report, done by myself. Today I’ll be guiding you along with me as we explore Denver International, fly to KLAX, do some amazing spotting, and take a westward Departure out of KLAX. Thanks for joining me!
(Note: I apologize for blurrines, reflections off of glass, and any indistinguishable aircraft in the distance that is causing you a heart attack. Please just sit back and enjoy this report).

Arriving at Gate A40

`I have arrived at my gate, A40. First impression? The airport itself is by the far the cleanest airport I’ve ever been in and staffed with very friendly people.
Signs are all over the place, departure/arrival boards are stacked in very frequent locations, gates are clearly marked, etc.
DIA also has completely free wifi, no adds, no “premium” pay, and more specifically it runs without a limit on it. Well done Denver Airport!

Spotting on Concourse A facing both South and North
Doing some non-Frontier spotting. Tell me below if you’d like to see more (mainly other FFT since that’s what I have) photos.

Air Canada E190 being towed into its gate for a departure in several hours.

Spirit Airlines with delayed departures on both flights…was that a surprise?

A retro American Airlines livery

Time to Board

My aircraft has arrived. I’ll see you on board. (We had a beautifully early boarding and departure on time. Well done Frontier)

On the Aircraft

Just sat down and checked about.

I will be honest and not biased (yes I know a ton of people will know I adore Frontier with a passion so they assume everything I say will be biased and I’ll ignore anything bad about them).
Here is a review on the service, cleanliness of the aircraft, staff attitudes, and Beverage/snack deals.

Staff: The FAs, pilots, and groundscrew were phenomenal. We boarded early, the FA greeting us on the plane was cheerful and upbeat. She made various jokes during the flight that had people laughing. The FAs in the back who were doing the voice over for the safety demonstration did a good job promoting the positivity and keeping everyone safe.
RATING?: 10/10

Food/Beverage: As of 05/10/17 water and ice cubes are completely complimentary. I have had people tell me ice wasn’t complimentary and that water wasn’t complimentary. That’s a false statement. Water and ice are completely free.
The snacks are pricey, I will not deny. For a cup of coffee and a Stroopwaffle it’s $5 (roughly the same price for twenty nuggets and sauce at McDonald’s)
In the photo you see the complimentary water and I paid $3.99 for the little box of snacks. They were wonderful and tasted good but the price did sort of put a damper on it.
RATING?: 6/10

Pilots: The First Officer kept us very well informed about the weather and forewarned us of approaching turbulence a good deal before it came, giving people time to get out of the lava and back to their seats.
RATING?: 9/10

Inflight Views

About 15 minutes before landing we were hit with intense fog which cleared up only on short final into LA. The clouds lasted a good deal of my trip but were gone by departure.

The views over the Rockies were breathtaking, literally. I just sort of stared in awe as we flew over some of these gorgeous capped peaks. Note to everyone:…fly over the Rockies! I have never seen such a stunning display of beauty before. Wow!

Arrival Into LAX and Deplaning

Arrival into LA was very entertaining. So much traffic. We actually had a UPS on a parallel final for 25L while we landed 24L. I’ve never had a parallel approach so it was beautiful.

Reverse thrusters and now we have arrived.

After landing I went and grabbed a coffe and sat at Terminal 3, Gate 33B where a JetBlue flight was leaving for Fort Lauderdale. The views from the windows there were amazing!

Some Spotting Photos Not Seen In My KLAX Spotting Thread

A giant aircraft next to a small aircraft. Interesting the size differences, :)

Spirit Airlines (NKS) heading to Las Vegas

Virgin America heading to KSFO

Three immense beasts. In my eyes they all are Kings of the Sky.

KLM Heavy heading to Amsterdam

Departure for KDEN

Let me pause here and say that, yes, our flight was delayed by an hour. The arriving aircraft, which was coming from Orlando, was delayed in Florida due to issues in LA. So I had an extra hour to sit around and spot.

Allegiant A320 returning from Bedford

Bye bye KLAX 👋🏼 Thank you for the 9 hour spotting trip! I’ll see you someday.

We departured 24L again but this time we got a sunset departure. It was another beautiful takeoff.

As you can see, I got a great view of the ocean and the wave breaker keeping waves from entering the channel.

Arrival into Denver:

For the duration of the flight they kept the cabin lights completely off. It was kind of cozy and snug to be honest.

Denver Airport at night is very quiet.

Currently walking up the Sky Bridge, that view is incredible 😍😍 Thank you Frontier for the incredible trip!

Leaving into the Jeppsen Terminal. Bye Denver Airport.

Thank you to everyone for sticking with me. I hope you enjoyed this trip report and I’ll see you onboard on my next flight. Have a great day!


Great review. We need people to understand that frontier is actually a great airline despite its reviews lol. Keep up the good work;)

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Frontier Airlines was an amazing airline and still is! On the flight out I got to talk to a retired Frontier FA. Man he had some interesting stories. He and I talked the whole 2 hour flight in. He also got me permission to enter the cockpit and talk to the FO.

So final inquiry…Is it worth it flying Frontier? YES!


And that’s what I call nickel-and-diming! Regardless of how much passengers say it makes no difference, I find myself again and again paying for Delta or United over other carriers for $40-50 more than their fares, all for some miniscule cup of coffee and an over-salted or over-sweetened food… and I don’t regret it one bit. [quote=“SkyHighGuys, post:1, topic:115362”]
After landing I went and grabbed a coffe and sat at Terminal 3, Gate 33B where a JetBlue flight was leaving for Fort Lauderdale. The views from the windows there were amazing!
Can you describe T3 for me>? Next time I come back to LAX, I might be flying out of there and I want to know if it really is a desolate pit of sadness as others have described. [quote=“SkyHighGuys, post:3, topic:115362”]
So final inquiry…Is it worth it flying Frontier? YES!

Will keep it considered, fly it once, and then write a trip report.

I like Frontier because of their creative animal tails. That’s all the excuse I need to fly with them ;)

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Every single seat power charging station is completely unplugged and not usable. There are small counters people crowd around. The airport itself is very dissatisfying to sit for nine hours in. I would much much rather spend nine hours at DIA.

That’s all the excuse I like to hear ;)

Well done review;! No matter how biased, I feel there is no way to be unbiased with a passion like yours:)

That looks like the smallest tray table and leg room I have ever seen. Anyways, nice review!


Not the entire airport – Terminal 5 and TBIT are actually quite enjoyable thanks to renovation. Now that Frontier will be flying from T5 later this week, maybe you should book another trip! I went to LAX last weekend to say my goodbyes to T5 and T6 (and to eat more In-N-Out).

It is a small tray table lol. Frontier says that no one needs to use the tray table anymore because there are no more meals served on flights but it is still perfect for your laptop and tablet or drinks. And they are lighter which saves fuel so you can get a lower ticket price.

If you get a stretched seat in the front of the plane ($20-30 more) there is a legit traytable and legit legroom.

Thank you good sir, :)

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Either the laptop or the drinks. Which will it be? Do you want the drink in your lap, or the drink in your computer?

Perhaps this is another example of nickel-and-diming. Pay us $20 more and get a real tray table. Next, pay us $5 and we’ll make sure your oxygen mask works before it drops from above your head.

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lmfao. Nah Frontier is a budget airline. The stretched seating is technically their first class lol. Not a big deal though. Most of Frontiers flights are only 2 hours long.

Also lol. let me give you a tip. First finish your drink (coke is the best). Then pull out your laptop and start typing your essay that was due months ago but still haven’t turned it in lol ;)

@N644US I know that was a joke but it is completely illegal to do that. They serve complimentary water complete with ice cubes (something Spirit will not do). They have friendly people, good seating for slightly more, and a nice menu of good items (including the liquor cough coin section).

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Oh my gosh, water AND ice cubes?! Such a shocker. Excuse me as I enjoy a gin and tonic, free of charge, in 11A in Comfort+. And in the unlikely event I’m in economy, plain tonic water with ice will have to do.

Better than Spirit, but not better by much. Please have Frontier send a letter to Delta and American asking them to offer free meals too. Oh wait, they already did.


Don’t know why but on my flight to Chicago about a month ago, the FA didn’t serve any water for us. They walked around the cabin and was like “want to purchase anything snacks or beverages today”. Don’t know why they did that lol. I still like them though. No water for 2 hours is survivable lol

Lmao Frontier has something that Delta and American don’t: Low Fares. Although their services might not be that great, the staff is still friendly and are there to serve you. Most of their flights are two hours long and you can’t really complain much in that time period. Why bother spend extra money on American or Delta when you can save it for better thing in life lol.

Why bother saving money when flying is the best thing in life?

True. But in my opinion, the flight experience itself is good enough. No need for fancy food or good legroom. Just friendly staff and a nice view out the window will do for everyflight (Frontier offers all these lol)

Brilliant pictures!!!
Hope you enjoyed your time!2😀👍👌🏻