Future updates

With the release of the A380 we saw new functionality like a new mirror reflection and actif hydraulic system. My question is, can we expect in next updates to see them (especially hydraulic system) on others aircraft (A350,30,20…) or is more complicated for devs (codes, physical…) and it’s not envisaged at the time ?

We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we :)

Sure hope so!

I’m agree with you but I’m just wondering myself if new functionality are added to other models or if devs don’t back to these

Probably not anytime soon, the devs would have to remodel any of the aircraft that they are altering. It isn’t as simple as just changing lines of code. Would be cool to see eventually though.

yeah i agree

Devs do rework aircraft time to time, but unlikely for the immediate future as we have the C208, 737Max, and the A320Neo in the pipeline.

great thanks for answering

Hopefully a future update can see the elimination of the pitch up and down movements when extending the flaps. That isn’t realistic at all.

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Hey, I heard in the live that project metal was in a good way, and the hydraulics and moving ailerons stuff are scalable somehow (reducing the work needed to complete it), maybe we gonna see it on plane being reworked recently (A330, A350, 787, 737, 777 ect…)


If that’s the case that would be awesome.

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I get the impression that “project metal” has somewhat turned into an entire ground-up rebuild of the entire platform, which is super fascinating and opens up an entire new world of opportunity for growth and development. Very exciting.

I’m personally very interested to see if we end up with a new flight model system. Seem to remember reading a post from one of the developers saying the A380 flight model is “as accurate as we could get it within the limitations of the simulator”, which suggests to me that the base aerodynamic code will also get a rework.

I’m not expecting an X-Plane level of flight dynamic fidelity but I am definitely curious to see where the platform goes from here.

And to clarify, I have no idea about coding or how IF actually works. However, I do fly the real things and the sim definitely acts strange in some scenarios, as we all know.

There will be an update soon

The 208 is a rework