Future Updates

Hello, i am Xentoro. I have been an infinite flight enthusiast for quite a few years now and i have seen the app develop soo much over these few years. The community has grown big and large and its amazing.

I am curious to what features people are after the most in infinite flight? Let me know id love to see. I personally would love the A320 Neo’s along with the ATR-72 i am really fond of easyJet atm and would love to see their livery on an A321.

What features would you like the most?


Think you might have put this into the wrong category 👍

Hello Xentoro, Thats what the #features is for. You can search the aircraft you’d like to see and you can vote for it. If you’re lucky the developers may add the feature.


There is actually a whole category devoted to this exact thing. Please check that before posting, as there are a ton of cool things people have voted for! 😄

This is entire purpose of #features