Future Updates

I want to know what you’re working on now.

I intend to purchase the game and would like to know if there will be an update soon.

In particular, whether cloud shapes will be added within a short period of time.

On the other hand another thing that interests me is to add the angle of rotation of the hdg, as it is now very sharp and seems to turn a fighter jet.

A greeting, to see if it can be answered without disrespect, insults, closing the post or with a word.

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The reworked CRJ-200 is coming soon. Reworked A10 and TMB930 are also confirmed. After that we don’t know yet.


Don’t forget CRJ-1000


Oh yes. I’m excited for that one too.


They never announced fix dates for their updates, but this year we had a couple already. As the others said, more exciting aircraft are confirmed to be added.

But not only aircraft!!
More content

FDS is always working on ways to optimize and improve the flying experience through new additions and features. What those things are we can only dream of.

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Could be more specific? Aircraft is kind of the only content we have… in some ways.


@schyllberg There are a bunch or requests for things like working cokpits, aircraft systems, eaven things like sloaped runways, and of cuours the ever popular taxi lights, so I dont know what he is talking about spacificly, but there are a bunch of things…

Yes i know, but that’s not really content. I’m not new around here ;)


Ah, I see what you are saying…

Would buildings be content?

Yes of course

Yes, I mean, if you expect updates for this year, apart from adding airplanes, of content (clouds or terminals, graphic improvements, window mode as in airplane).

We’ll see what happens :)

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Is better imagery in South America and 2 new aircraft and 2 reworked aircraft not enough for you for now?

I heard a rumor from LiveFlight that there are some A350 Testings happening


Wut… what did I miss?

Fake News


You should not listen to rumors.


Lol want to buy something and get a…we can neither confirm or deny…mabye we will…but mabye we wont…jk :)

It’s totally worth a membership and IF suprises us with amazing updates that challenge the mobile interface. They consistently go above and beyond.

Is the A350 going to be free?

This is a joke


This can neither be confirmed or denied. Lol crack myself up…hehehe

Only @dush19 or @Joe should be asking that :P