Future Updates Question

I was wondering about this question i had in my head, will future updates include performance improvements for my device and others?

Thank you! :)

As far as I am aware updates always include performance improvements, such as advancements in Project Metal.

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Oh ok, since it didn’t got noted in the change log for 21.4, i wanted to ask, to check if anything changed with the frames on my device to see if the update raised it.

Probably not. I’m sure the developers will find odd optimisations and improvements here and there, but the ability of your CPU/GPU to do things at speed is hardware limited.

One of the problems is that people want more nice looking things - an obvious example here is the excellent 3D airports. This is all well and good, but you have to draw the things, and a flat airport is quicker. As time goes on doubtless IF will improve in other areas as well.


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